Senin, 04 April 2016

Dewa Athena (part 1)

Dewa Athena. When you first hear the Dewa Athena word, maybe you immediately think about one of God in a religion. Or maybe you think about something random like Dewa Athena is a character from Spongebob? Hahaha. But for us, the students of SMAN 3 Bandung, when we hear the word of Dewa Athena, we definitely think about the 'game'.

In our school, Dewa Athena is an interclass sport event that hold many sport game like basketball, football, dodgeball, volley, and many more. This event is my favorite from i was in elementary school until now. I don't know, this event is just not boring and it's very fun! And this event can improve the solidarity class.

Me when doing penalty.
Dodgeball day 1.
In Dewa Athena, i contributed to play football, basketball, dodgeball, and gobak sodor. And until now, alhamdulillah, the three of them are still survive to go to the next round (football, basketball, and gobak sodor). Why we lose the dodgeball match? It was because the freaking annoying the late schedule! I really annoyed because it was 'ngaret'. In day 2, you know, in the schedule, the dodgeball match is right after the football match. But, i didn't know whose fault, suddenly the football match started about 20 minutes late! Gosh. So, I with 4 other friends, played the football match. Suddenly, in the middle of match, my class, X IPA 8, was called by the committee to play the dodgeball (girl) match. And i was panic, of course. I couldn't leave the football match because my opponent was already scored a goal and the score was 1-0. So, i choosed the football match because i didn't want to lose (although it's just a game haha). I thought, the dodgeball match will postponed, so i played hard to make my class win the match. And alhamdulillah we succeed to make the score draw, and we did a penalty, and alhamdulillah again, my class won the match. Right after i sat on the ground with my 'supporter' friends, my other friends was coming and they said, 'I'm sorry, we lose the dodgeball match.' WHAT?! Since when my class started the dodgeball match? Because the three of six players of dodgeball match, was played the football match, and i was like.. had random feeling. Happy, sad, confused, and mad at the same time. But it was just a game so.. it's ok. And it was better than WO, so thank you my friends:) (Note to the committee of Dewa Athena, don't you ever 'ngaret' again. Because it's really annoying).

Soooo day by day has passed and Dewa Athena was continued on March 31st, April 1st adn 2nd. I WAS REALLY EXCITED. But the whether at those 3 days were not allowed us to begun the match, because it was rainy. So we just begun the dodgeball and badminton match at bangsal (indoor), and my class (the boys) was had a hard time to win the dodgeball match against XI IPA 6 because the opponent was too strong. So the result is, round 1 we lose, round 2 we won --and it was made a big mess. So, at round 3, we lose. And the conclusion is we lose the dodgeball match. Both the girl and the boys.

But it's alright. We are still have a spirit to win! Because we are still have the football (girl), volley, basketball, gobak sodor, and badminton (girl) match to win. So wish us luck! May us can be the first champion, aamiin. xx

X IPA 8 (not full team).

Selasa, 23 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

On February 23th 2016 at 21:38 i start this text with full of my thoughts and opinions. So no offense, please. And at this time too, i realized that we live in a BIG world. I mean, it is literally big. Because this world is very large and has so many complex problems, both local and global. Why? One of them is because this world where we live in, has so many people with different characters. There are an evil one, a good one, a smart one, a greedy one, and many more. So right now in this text, i will talk about this phenomenon.

Let’s start from a small problem first. I don’t know where are you when you read this, maybe at home, at office, or at bathroom?.. Ok it doesn’t matter because just take a look around you! I am sure that you have that small problem, whether one problem, two, or maybe you can’t count how many problems that happen around you right now because they are so many. From example, you have a messy room. You are just too lazy to tidy up your room. Ok so the main reason for this case is lazy.

Let’s take a look at the other problem. Now we can take a bigger problem for example. Like in a school life, work life, or else. Since i am still a student in senior high school, i will take an example from school life. There are many students who sleepy and slept in the school hours -- include me hehehe. Because of this case, many students don’t understand the subject and have a problem when it comes to exam. Maybe they can’t finish the exam and just give up because they don’t know the answer or they take another alternative. What is it? Cheating. Yeah we all know and familiar to hear this word. I am 98% sure that you who is reading this have ever cheating or even often? Cheating has many ways, like see the answer of your friend’s answer, or open book/handphone, or even worst.

Day by day you are going to grow up and i am sure you will experienced the real world life. You will know and realize the real complex problem in this world. Since -- once again -- i am still a student in senior high school, i have not experienced yet how it feels to live in this real big world. So from the eyes of an ordinary student -- like me -- about complex problems that happen in this world, i see that this world is cruel. This world is dominated by cruel people. Like corruption happens everywhere, unfair justice, terrorism, world war, and many more. But i think this world is not destroyed by evil people, but this world destroyed by people who watching them and do nothing. Like a quote of this famous person;

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”
― Charles Bukowski

That quote is really true. When the stupid ones are full of confidence, why we as the intelligent people are full of doubts? We live in the world where the good one is avoided and the bad one is approached. You can’t keep it like this. You all have to move forward for make a future better life. You certainly don’t want your ancestry live in a more cruel world in the future, right? So, let’s make a change! Start from now with a little change like throw away your bad habits. Don’t let the laziness grow up in your soul, because you will regret it in 10 years later. Lazy is a little thing that can affect your future. How to not be lazy? Here are a few tips from wikiHow ‘How to Stop Being Lazy’;
1. Sleep. You should ideally be getting eight hours of sleep and trying to get on a regular sleep cycle.
2. Start your day with positive self talk. For example, "Today, I will go for a run."
3. Listen to energetic music. Workout songs or exercise jams that get you "pumped up" and feeling active will help set up a positive tone to your day.
4. Change your environment. Different environments have different impacts on our productivity.
5. Surround yourself with productive people. Who you surround yourself with inspires your behavior.
And many more.

Besides lazy, afraid is one of the reason that makes this world being cruel. You have to have a courage to do something that can change this world. One small thing can affect a big impact. 

If it’s not you, then who? If it’s not now then when?

Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

My Last Holiday

            Hello everybody! It’s been a long time since my last post. Today, I want to tell you about my one year holiday from 2015 to 2016. Hahaha no I’m just kidding. But you know, my last holiday was like a year! Why? Because I did nothing for that 3 weeks. But if I try to remember my last holiday, I think my holiday was not that ‘nothing’.
            So first of all, when I knew that my holiday was going to 3 weeks, I was very very very happy. But there was one thing that made my 1st week was terrible. What is it? It’s that freaking rmp and sp. Oh my God I was dying! Yeah it’s kinda overreacting but it’s true, it was made me dying inside. You can imagine how hard it was to study hard in my very precious holiday. And the subject is physics and math! But it was purely my mistake. For whole 1 semester I didn’t study properly for my exams, so dang! I have to rmp and sp. But alhamdulillah, I didn’t have to take physics sp. But astagfirullah, I have to take math sp. But because of sp, I could understand what I didn’t understand before. Thanks sp.
            After my stressing 1 week, finally I could enjoy my holiday! Yipiii! But jeng jeng… I didn’t know what should I do in that 2 weeks. So my activity is like sleep-wake up-eat-sleep. But in the first 4 days of holiday, I watched a very fun Korean drama, it’s called “She Was Pretty’. The ending is so romantic, I really like it. But there is another drama that more exciting than that, it’s called “Healer”. Woaaa I am very addicted to that drama until now. Thanks Korean drama for filling my holiday hahaha.
            So in the 5th day of holiday, my mother, sister, brother, and I went to Jakarta for a refreshing. We went there by a train. Why train? Because for me, the only one comfortable, fast, and also cheap is train. So it only takes about 2 hours to Jakarta. After arrived at Jakarta, we went to an apartment—and I forget the name. The apartment is nice and very comfortable. But before we enjoyed the room, we must went downstairs and upstairs for about 2 times—using lift and carried the heavy bag. Why? Because at first, when we arrived at the room on , it was bad smell. There was a smell of cigarettes and my family really hate cigarettes. So, we went downstairs to complain to the receptionist. And the receptionist told us to move to another room. So we just said yes and thank you. So we went upstairs to that another room in 5th floor, and after we arrived, you know what? The room was unlocked and opened! And the situation was very quiet. Jeng jeng… me and my family was really frightened. And no one dare to open the door and check that room. So me and my sister volunteer to open the door--like Katniss Everdeem at Hunger Games, uh yeah. And we walked slowly to the room.. and slowly opened the door.. and.. BOOM! Nothing happened. We just saw a card that connected to the sensor that have a fuction to turn on the light.

Minggu, 29 November 2015

Drama Text

Hello everyone!
Last 2 weeks, Mrs Wiwin divided my class into 5 groups. I got the group with Regina, Majid, Tiara P, Namira, Dewi, and Nafi. Mrs Wiwin gave us a task that we should make a drama text per group for Tugas Mandiri this semester. My group has decided to make a remake drama from 'Malam Minggu Miko: Keluarga Pedas Kumala' that created by Raditya Dika in youtube. 

I acted as Mas Anca
Majid acted as Miko
Regina acted as Kumala
Nafi acted as Kumala's father
Tiara P acted as Miko's bestfriend 
Namira acted as Maemunah
Dewi acted as vegetable seller

And below is my group's drama text. Enjoy!

Majid's Saturday Night
"Regina's Spicy Family"

Scene 1
Regina: "Wait...wait, add this to make it tastes better."
(pouring some chillis)
Regina: "Give it a try, this is jalapeno."
Regina: "The spiciest chili in South America."
Scene 2
Majid: "I just knew that Regina, my new girl, loves eating chillies."
Majid: "I can handle spicy food. If i swallow it directly. The thing is Regina has an Olympic grade taste buds when we eat together, she will add chillies at all kinds of food. ALL KINDS."
Scene 3
Majid: "Taste good, right?"
Regina: "It will taste even better if you add chillies."
Majid: "But it's ice..cream.."
(pour sauce on ice cream)
Scene 4
Majid: "Even though Regina like spicy and i dont. But all those differences make things beautiful between us, i think..."
Scene 5
Majid: "Bro, which one is the good side and which one is the bad side?"
Tiara: "Dude! this is a football match."
Majid: "Where were you, Sela?"
Sela: "I was with Maemunah, Mas. We will sell a thing that will sell a lot like fried peanuts."
Tiara&Majid: "What's that?"
Sela: "Fried peanuts. This is different from regular fried peanuts. It's spicy and has levels."
Majid: "I dont like spicy."
(text message ringtone)
Majid: "Aduh, this Saturday night I am invited to have dinner in Regina's house with her father."
Tiara: "Bro, are you complaining or showing it off?"
Majid: "You've got to know that Regina's father enjoys spicy food more than her daughter. They are family of chili!"
Tiara: "Family of chili?"
(dancing with chili costume)
Majid: "When her father finds out that i hate spicy food, it means that i can't see Regina ever again."
Tiara: "How much do you like Regina?"
Majid: "I like her so much."
Tiara: "Okay, you have three days and i'll train you so you can eat spicy food in front of her."
Majid: "Do you know how to train people?"
Scene 6
Tiara: "My long time dream since i was a boy is to be a fashion designer, her stylist, flight attendant, and the last one to become a coach."
Tiara: "Coaching is an easy job for me, lesson one: you have to start the training as early as possible
Scene 7
Sela: "Do you have Brazilian tomatoes?"
Dewi: "Yes."
Dewi: "Where is the owner of the house? Are they still sleeping?"
(Majid's screaming)
Sela: "That's his voice. He just woke up."
(Training is started)
Majid: "Bro, one second. I think you should turn off the music."
Tiara: "You're right."
Namira: "Hi dear, I heard Majid is having a crush on a girl who likes spicy very much. Is that true?"
Sela: "yeah, it is. but unfortunately majid cant stand any spicy food"
Namira: "Well, please give him this mouthwash."
Sela: "what? mouthwash you said?"
Scene 8
Majid: "It's Friday and i think that i have some progress. Now i can eat The bird's eye chili. The stem actually."
(Eating peanuts)
Majid: "What the heck is this? It's spicy and then salty but sour too. What is this?"
Sela: "It is supposed to be salty, sour, spicy, ..but not sweet."
Majid: "Why is there no sweet flavour?"
Sela: "Because the only sweet thing is you."
Sela: "This will be sold to those who are still in the process of approaching the girl."
Majid: "Do you wanna try some?"
Tiara: "Nah i dont like spicy either."
Majid: "Why did you train me then if you hate spicy too?"
Sela: "Neither do i"
Tiara: "You sell those peanuts but you hate spicy things? How do you taste the peanuts?
Sela: "I use Dewi's mouthwash."
Tiara: "You said mouthwash?"
Sela: "Yes, by using the mouthwash, you'll be able to handle any kind of spicy food. No matter what."
Majid: "Really?"
Scene 9
Naafi: " are close to my daughter?"
Majid: "Yes, I am sir."
Naafi: "Do you like spicy food?"
Majid: "Yes i am trying, sir."
Naafi: "Try it!"
Naafi: "Be careful, i made the chili myself and it is famously known for its spiciness."
(continue eating)
Scene 10
Tiara: "I hope Miko can control himself."
Sela: "Control himself?"
Tiara: "Since he has used the mouthwash, he wants to show it off to regina. I'm afraid that he will continue eating chilies just to impress Regina's father."
Sela: "Don't say that, mas Majid is not that type of person."
Scene 11
(eating vigorously)
Majid: "I have finished eating the chili, sir."
Tiara: "Sela, what happened?"
Sela: "I ate too much spicy food this afternoon. I admit it was really helpful after using the mouthwash, your tongue went numb. However the stomach didnt go numb. Luckily, i just ate a little so it doesn't hurt that bad. I cant imagine if i ate it a lot."
Scene 12
Naafi: "Miko.. listen job has a lot of challenges."
(phone ringing)
Majid: "One moment sir. Hey what's up dude?"
Tiara: "Dont eat too much chilies. Sela has an awful stomachache. It will be bad for you if you had one there."
Majid: "Really? i dont feel.. (stomach growling) too late dude!"
Majid: "Regina, where's the restroom?"
Regina: "Just go straight and the door on your right"
Majid: "Excuse me sir"
Scene 13
Tiara: "Hallo?"
(Majid is screaming)
Majid: "Bro, it is an emergency man!"
Tiara: "What's up? Diarrhea?"
Majid: "Here it's like a volcano is erupting, man! Dude help me! Get me to the ER! GET ME TO THE ER!"
Tiara: "Sela! Sela!"
Sela: "Yes?"
Tiara: "Majid's got a terrible diarrhea. You must be responsible! Take my car keys and bring your medicine."
Scene 14
Regina: "Why do you like so pale?"
Majid: "I'm fine."
Regina: "Are you okay?"
Majid: "I'm okay."
Regina: "Really?"
Naafi: "Why are you sweating a lot?"
Majid: "I'm okay sir."
Naafi: "Okay then, where were we? So i work in a pharmacy. I'm in... What's with the face? Why do you look angry?"
Majid: "I'm not angry sir."
Naafi: "So?"
Scene 15
(Sela's got hiccup)
Tiara: "Why are you hiccuping?"
Sela: "I don't know either."
Tiara: "Hold your breath."
(Sela's fainting)
Tiara: "Hey! Not too long!"
(Still hiccuping)
Naafi: "How long have you known Majid? I think Majid is still upset with me."
Regina: "Perhaps he once had some issues with pharmaceutical people."
Naafi: "Ooh, So that's the problem. Actually, i think i'm starting to like Majid. He seems nice."
Scene 16
Tiara: "Good evening, sir!
Naafi: "Evening!"
Tiara: "Can we see Majid, sir?"
Naafi: "Yes you can. Are you his friend?"
Tiara: "Yes sir and we have to pick him up."
(Sela is hiccuping again)
Sela: "Hello, Mr. Tedjo."
Tiara: "Sir, you know Sela?"
Naafi: "Yes of course. Pharmacy where i work for is selling mouthwash to you and... Who's that girlfriend of yours?"
Sela: "Namira, sir."
Naafi: "Namira!"
Sela: "She is not my girlfriend sir. She still can't forget her ex."
Naafi: "Why are you telling me this?"
Sela: "One thing sir, why after i used the mouthwash, i get hiccups?"
Naafi: "Oh! That's the side of effect to the mouthwash, so if you cant eat spicy food, don't depend on medication to help you. You can't call yourself a man if you can't eat spicy food."
Majid: "Sir, i think i have to go home."
Naafi: "Oh Okay, please visit us so we can eat together again some othertime."
(Majid starts hiccuping) (Sela starts hiccuping again).
Majid: "Why are we...."
(Naafi starts hiccuping)
•••THE END•••

It's fun, right? May my group will have a success drama later! I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, thank you for reading!

Selasa, 24 November 2015

City Tour: Malang and Yogyakarta.

Hello everyone! Meet me again :)
Now, i will tell you about my city tour to Malang and Yogyakarta.

I went to Malang and Yogyakarta when I was in grade 9. I went there with my classmates and teachers. That was our farewell school trip. We went there with bus and i sat in very back of the bus with my bestfriends. Why? Because for us, those chair are the best spot when we went to a school trip.

In first day, we gathered at school about at 6pm. After gathered, we left to Malang about at 7pm. At that time, we were very excited to enjoy the trip. But the sad thing is, we should sit at the bus for about 1 day. Yeah, that was very weary aka pegal :(. But no problem, i enjoyed the trip anyway. At the bus, we did many things like sang a song (karaoke), play UNO card, and many more.

Me and my friends at Museum Dirgantara.
In second day, finally we arrived at Malang. The temperature is rather hot. In Malang, we visitted so many places. Like Museum Dirgantara at Batu, Malang. In Museum Dirgantara, we could saw so many airplanes and Indonesia's struggle when fight the colonizer because it belongs to TNI-AU. After visitted Museum Dirgantara, we visitted a beach at noon. And i swear, that was very very hot and shiny. But it was ok, becasue we wanted to enjoy the once of our life. We didn't forget to took a photo too aka selfie hahaha. After that, we went to a hotel. That hotel was very comfortable. One bedroom filled with 4 persons. At that night, we had so much fun because we could stroll around the hotel and visitted other bedroom. But  unfortunately, we stayed at that hotel just for 1 night:(.

In third day, we played at Jatim Park! Jatim Park is like Dufan in Malang. Wow that was fun, right? I played so many vehicles that pumped my adrenalin. In Jatim Park, there are a flower park too. That was so beautiful. We played there from about 10am until 5pm, that was long but it felt short hahaha maybe because it was so fun:))

In fourth day, we went to Yogyakarta. But unfortunately, we just went to Malioboro. Malioboro is very beautiful. I was fascinated for the Yogyakarta's culture that still attached to the people of Yogyakarta. My friends and I were shopping so many items like clothes, necklace, souvenir, and many more.

But night changes so fast, the last day finally came. We must went back to our hometown, Bandung. We took the bus again and i was very tired so, i slept during the back trip. I was very very happy at that time.

Selasa, 17 November 2015

City Tour: Trans Studio Bandung

Hi everyone!
Today i would like to tell you guys about my experience at Trans Studio Bandung.

Do you know what is Trans Studio Bandung?
Trans Studio Bandung or people usually call it TSB, is the largest indoor amusement park in Bandung that located at Trans Studio Mall. There are so many rides in TSB, like Yamaha Racing Coaster, Jelajah, Negeri Raksasa, and many more. It's exciting right?

So, at December 2013, I with my 6 friends went to TSB. We wanted to enjoy the rides full day, so we gathered at TSB's counter about at 9.30 am, because TSB opened at 10.00 am until 10.00 pm. After gathered, we bought the tickets at price Rp150.000/pcs. After that, we waited until 10.00 am at the front of entrance. When we waited, the employees did a flashmob. That was great. Finally, after the flashmob, we could enter the entrance by showed our TSB card and the machine would scan that card so we could enter that amusement park.

The Map of TSB

When we entered the TSB, we were so excited to rode all the rides! At that time, not many visitors yet so we could enjoy the rides without queuing. We rode so many rides, like Vertigo, Dunlop Trans Car Racing, Dunia Lain, and many more. Unfortunately, Giant Swing ride at that time was under repair so we couldn't ride it. At about 3.00 pm, we watched a theatre named Kabayan Goes to Hollywood. That was very amazing. It was told us about the struggle of Kabayan (a character at Sunda) chasing his crush, Nyi Iteng who was in Hollywood.

After we rode all the rides, we were exhausted so we decided to went to our own home. But although we were exhausted, we were so happy that day and we wanted to turn back time and enter the TSB again.

Sabtu, 07 November 2015


Hi everyone!
Now, i want to tell you about a place in Bandung i have ever visited.
Yeah like the title of this article, i will talk about "Gamarvani". What is Gamarvani? Let's read below.

Actually, Gamarvani is not a place. It's my school's culture festival. Gamarvani was held at 19 September 2015 in Lapangan Bali. And at that moment, i became a decoration committee of Gamarvani.
Poster of Gamarvani.

Have you ever come to Gamarvani?
If no, i will describe how Gamarvani was.
First of all, Gamarvani told about Nyi Anteh folklore. So, the stage was decorated about Nyi Anteh folklore. Nyi Anteh is a moon watchman. You can read the folklore by search in Google.

The rules of Gamarvani.
Gamarvani was started at 10.00 am and ended at 10.00 pm. When you enter the Lapangan Bali, you will enter into a hallway that described the Nyi Anteh folklore. In my opinion, that hallway was amazing. That hallways was made by decoration committee. Unfortunately, i didn't help make it because it was has already created when I first entered school.

When you have finished walk through the hallway, you will see many delicious food at trucks. There were Putri Salju Ice Cream, Caians, Ultra Milk, Sausage, Fried Fries, and there were Pedagang Kaki Lima (PKL) too which free for about 200 first buyer. Interesting, right?

Me and my friends as committee.
There were many performances like HiVi!, Adera, s.a.s.a.d.e.n.a, parahyena, RMHR, and many more. There were performances by my school's extracurricular too like T'ST, KPA3, MK3, and many more. In my opinion, the best performance were HiVi! and T'ST because they were so entertain and boosted my mood.

Me and my friend when we waited for Adera.
I had so much fun in Gamarvani. I hope, next year and so on, my school's culture festival will continue to get better and better.